Referrals are graciously welcomed + greatly appreciated!

If you know a female entrepreneur, small business owner or blogger who is looking for help bringing their ideas to life, refer them to me and my design services and make a 10-20% commission off their first completed project!


Share the Magic Referral Program | Refer clients for branding or website design services, make a 10-20% commission!

What Makes it Magical

  1. I get a new, awesome client by a client I already like and trust.
  2. You get money... without doing hardly any work!
  3. They get help bringing their dreams to life, without having to shop around or trying to find a designer they can trust.


How it Works:

- You must already be a client of mine, meaning you've done at least one project with me.
- Recommend any of my services and ask them to mention your name before their initial deposit.
- Contact me to let me know I may be contacted by your referral.

Commission Tiers:

- Make 10% from each of your first 5 referrals.
- Make 15% from each of your second 5 referrals.
- Make 20% from each referral after 10 (no limit!)

Payment Terms:

- After each payment that they pay me, I will pay you your 10-20% referral reward.
- Payment will be paid via PayPal or Venmo.


Feel free to contact me and ask away!

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