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You could live your passion, do what you love every day and feel totally fulfilled!

You could be your own boss, make your own schedule and feel more in charge of your life!

You could create more time freedom, travel more often and work from anywhere that has wifi!

You could make money on your own terms, earn what you're actually worth and feel financially secure!

Imagine creating a life for yourself that’s full of opportunities and freedom.

Tara Tierney | The Creator of Whipped Dream

Hey there, my name is Tara Tierney



Does this sound like you?

You are an aspiring female entrepreneur, solopreneur, blogger, freelancer, small business owner, coach or personal brand.

You consider yourself independent, ambitious, and passion-driven. You know you are meant for more in this life you just need some clarity and direction.

You're looking to achieve success in a way that you find both meaningful and fulfilling. You want to do what you love, while helping people and making an income.

You dream of being an inspiration to others, making an impact, and changing people's lives. And, while you're at it, you want to change your own life!

You consider yourself a go-getter who will stop at nothing in order to attain your goals and dreams.

If you nodded your head and said “yes!” to all of these… we should totally create some magic together!


I believe that life should be fun, exciting and magical! We should all be living our lives the way we want to live them and doing whatever makes us feel happy and totally fulfilled.

That being said, I absolutely LOVE seeing other women stepping into their own power, chasing their dreams and doing whatever it takes to cultivate a life for themselves that makes them feel completely happy from the inside out.

Going after everything you want in life takes courage, drive, passion, patience and persistence. Ambitious women don’t expect hand-outs; they work for what they want and earn it through time and effort. They know it’s supposed to be hard; if it were easy, everyone would be successful. They know the challenges they face and overcome are what make the reward of finally achieving their goals and dreams that much sweeter!

I love connecting with these types of women because they inspire and motivate me to do more, be more and never give up!

Five years ago, a female entrepreneur friend of mine inspired me to create my own business. It was definitely the most challenging and stressful thing I’ve ever put myself through in my life, but looking back I can honestly say it was all worth it! I am now the happiest I have ever been, living the lifestyle of my dreams and doing what I love every day!

Through her guidance and continuous encouragement to keep pushing forward, I was able to create something that completely changed my life for the better and for that she’ll forever be a huge part of my success story!

Because she had such a big impact on me and my life, I now have a huge desire to be part of other women’s success stories!

White Unicorn | Ambitious Introverted Woman



Your purpose in this life is to share your gift.

Your gift is a special skill or talent that is unique to you and is something that you absolutely love to do.

Why do you need to share your gift? Because you could be helping someone who needs it the most, therefore becoming a positive impact on their life as well as the lives around them. By keeping your gift inside of you, you are preventing others from receiving the value of it. Without your help, their lives will continue to remain the same, unchanged.

In addition, when you hide your gift from the world, you are actually choosing to spend your life not doing that one thing you absolutely love to do. The thing you’re most passionate about. The thing your soul yearns for.

Do you think you’ll ever be truly happy that way?

In order to make a big impact on your life, as well as the lives of others, you need to realize it is your responsibility to put yourself out there and share your gift with the world.

Once you do, you will be able create an opportunity for yourself that will give you the freedom to do more of what you love, while helping others and making money.

In other words, you’ll start truly living your passion.

Annnd this is where I come in. 🙂

My gift to you is to help you share your gift and unleash your magic into the world!

I can help you create a captivating brand that:

– Reflects Your True Values –

– Attracts Your Dream Clients –

– Helps You Stand Out Against Cookie Cutter Businesses –

In addition, I can help you learn + apply strategies that will help you grow your business faster, earn an income doing what you love and have more time freedom to do whatever else you feel like doing… like, um, truly living your life to the fullest. 🙂


The goal of this site is to empower you with the tools + resources for online success.

Whether you’d like to get 1-on-1 help building your brand or learn how to do some things yourself, you’ve got plenty of options!

Choose your next step!
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If you don't know where to start in the branding process or have been trying to DIY but can't really seem to get things to look the way you want, why not let me help? I offer a full branding + website design package to help you find your focus, gain clarity and start building your brand from the ground up. I also offer other a la carte design and marketing services.

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Recommended Resources

A collection of tools + resources I personally recommend to help you create and grow blog or biz online. After 4+ years of trial and error, done by yours truly, these have all made the cut. I currently use, support and totally recommend everything on this page!

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Tara Tierney | Online Entrepreneur



I’m Tara, a 30-something, introverted, online entrepreneur with a colorful imagination and a brain that never likes to sleep.

With one part left brain (analytical, logical, strategic) + one part right brain (imaginative, creative, intuitive), becoming an entrepreneur in a creative field makes a lot of sense to me. 

Ideas light me up, I love to think big, I love making things things look pretty and I love having the freedom to mix my creativity with my problem-solving side. Basically, I like to make everything around me better.

I’m also an encourager at heart and love pushing others be better and to go after everything they want in life! I’ve spent the past 4+ years running a few of my own online businesses and blogs, all of which are focused on helping others (as well as myself) achieve their goals and reach their own versions of success! The best part about all of these is that I can run them all by myself and still have the time freedom to do what I love. How?! I’ll give you a hint: passive income.

When I’m not learning or creating something, I can often be found somewhere outside or at the beach (I live in San Diego), traveling somewhere new and fun, testing my strength in the gym or eating copious amounts of delicious food (I’m totally a foodie.)

I was created to create.

Being creative is both my passion and my obsession.

Graphic design, website design, writing, creating new businesses, developing new products… all I want to do is make stuff all day, every day. I am truly at my happiest when I’m in my creative mode. 🙂 

I also get bored easily and constantly feel like I need to be doing something that makes me think and stimulates my brain. Rarely will you find me sitting around watching TV (I don’t even have cable!) or doing anything that’s unproductive. I have an intense desire to always be working towards something and finding ways to make improvements.

Additionally, I’m very detail-oriented and have a huge appreciation for custom-made stuff. That being said, I have a tendency to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my creations. It’s both a blessing and a curse. *sigh*

I have a curious soul.

I’m addicted to all things that revolve around learning, growing and evolving. One of my deepest interests is psychology; I love trying to understand why people think a certain way or what makes them do what they do.

Speaking of psychology, I have discovered over time, that in getting to know myself and understanding my own personality, I have been able to substantially improve both my life and my business(es.) When I understand how I operate and why, I am better able to manage my behaviors and therefore make more logical decisions.

Getting to know myself has has also helped me figure out what I’m naturally good at and what my true passions are. I am both an empath and have an INFP personality type, which probably explains why I like to spend a lot of time alone, thinking and creating. It’s also probably why I tend to have a natural ability to understand other people, which helps a lot when it comes to bringing someone else’s visions to life through branding and design!

My love for simplicity

I feel deeply compelled to organize and create things that make everything easier.

Easier find. Easier to use. Easier to learn from.

This personally helps me to be more efficient, which helps me do things with less effort and in less time. That being said, I’m always looking for new ways to automate and streamline my processes in any way possible! And I’m a huge advocate of passive income!

I enjoy diving deep into things but doing tasks that I don’t find fun just simply take up too much time. Since I like to work alone, hiring someone to help me has never seemed like an ideal situation to me. Finding ways to automate things and being more organized and efficient has given me more time freedom to do more of what I love, which is learning, designing and writing. 🙂

My weird way of learning

Back in my school days, I would have 2 notebooks for every class. One was for jotting down notes in class. That one was messy and disorganized.

The other notebook was my organized notebook. I’d actually go home and REWRITE my notes in an organized way and with prettier handwriting. Rewriting my notes helped me understand the subject better, and was my weird little way of learning and studying. When it was time to prepare for a test, I could go back over all my well-organized notes and find everything easier. It was a more efficient way of learning for me.

I think that’s why I love website design and blogging. It’s pretty, it’s organized, it functions well and I can write down everything I want to learn about in different blog posts. Then, whenever I need to revisit a topic, I can go to my own site to read about it instead of having to go scour other people’s sites looking for that thing I think I remember them writing about… somewhere.

Want to learn more about me? 

Check out my personal blog:

How I became an entrepreneur

Read my story about how I became an entrepreneur (after never wanting to to have my own business), how I discovered my true passion and how I created the kind of lifestyle that gives me the freedom to be my own boss, live wherever I want and do whatever I want.

I hope my story helps you learn from some of the mistakes I made while also inspiring and encouraging you to keep chasing after your own dreams! I’ve learned that if you are persistent, patient and never give up, you’ll eventually be able to create your own dream job and a fulfilling life you absolutely love.

My story about how I became an entrepreneur and how I discovered my true passion and purpose

Everyone has a story. Use it to build your brand. Be authentic, be vulnerable, be truthful and most of all, be YOU.

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